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OSBNET Broadband is an Ultra High-Speed Broadband service, with the Fiber reaching your neighborhood. So, while your current broadband supplier fights back to provide you speeds beyond 10 Mbps, OSBNET Broadband offers super lightning and brilliant speed plans. Choices are available between 50 Mbps, 75 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps and much more. With super high speeds, OSBNET Broadband offers you the Bandwidth for More. Faster Speeds Mean More Entertainment, More Work, And More Productivity. More Time. More Fun.

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Why are we special?

Never before speed, fiber all the way
Expertise to reach Rural India
National Broadband Network.
Smart Network Infrastructure for Smart City Communications.

Why we are better

Everywhere Network
Rural Broadband
Public security & protection.
Permanent broadband Internet connectivity.
Alternative Network for National safety.

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Subscribe for half yearly(6 Months) package and get double the data + 1 month extra.

And subscribe for the yearly(12 Months) package and get double the data + 3 months extra. Also, carry forward monthly unused data.

  • New Connection Installation Charges Rs. 1500/-( Non-refundable)
  • ONU modem refundable deposit Rs.1000/-.
  • Plans and Offers valid only for FTTH customers.
  • For 100 Mbps and higher speed plans, it is necessary to go for a dualband 802.11ac series router with Gig Ethernet , WAN/LAN physical ports. Please check that your PC, smart phone also support dual band ac series router.